Doing the Rondo welcomes external submissions.

However, the Editorial Team would like you to visit the About Us section and also go through a few articles to understand what type of stories, analyses, or opinion pieces would be accepted.

The piece must be a long-form article of at least 1500 words. There is no maximum limit on the number of words. However, if a submission is more than 3000 words long and it is selected to be published, it will be published in parts in all likelihood.

If the piece requires additional notes, please include them at the end of the article.

Include a brief bio of 3-4 sentences at the end of the article (you may, if you wish, include a link to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media account that you handle or a link to any other work which you would like to highlight). If you wish you can also attach and send a .jpeg image separately for your author profile.

We shall only accept Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx formats). If there are any diagrams, please paste them into the document itself.

Send your submission(s) to:

We shall get back to you in a week.

For further doubts, please contact us here.